December 4th, 2007


Found out why

I found out why my tags are not displaying. Being a technoramus (technical ignoramus) I didn't realize that I could not add as many tags as I wanted. When the no. of tag words went past 1000, it stopped the display...but without any message to me about it, which they could have included....

Thanks to anushsh for helping me arrive at what the problem was. Sitting and deleting tags, as if I didn't have any better work to do. :(((

Also the new laptop reFUSES to connect.

Lord Murphy is the presiding deity in my home.

This is for chaibacca

Though we got excellent sightings at Ramnagaram, expert birders are worried that the vultures may be disturbed by birders/photographers, so there is an informal agreement not to post pictures of the birds on the Ramnagaram cliffs. But the area is very beautiful and we got a lot of other lovely photographs, too. Here's one for the arachnophiles (and for the arachnophobes, too, *evil laugh*)....

Giant Wood Spider Ramnagaram 021207

Have not been able to post any other photographs to Flickr as they are on Picasa on T2 (that's Toshiba Two, my new laptop)..and am STILL using T1 for everything much to the disgust of KM who wants it pronto....when I do post some more pics to Flickr, I can show the magnificient birds soaring in the anyone can call vultures ugly beats me...but then, perhaps a few years ago, a photo such as the one above might have made me scream, too....