December 14th, 2007


Numerology...and Air Barek

I have yet to see a "numerology specialist" (er, perhaps, Dr Jeyashankar who has a doctorate from the US) who will say, "this name is perfectly OK, go ahead." No. Numerology mandates that several extra letters be added (why is it that deleting some letters is never given as a solution? Do numerologists work in close collusion with signboard painters, and makers of plastic, brass and neon letters?)

what numerology can do...

Even a word like "Renaissance" which has enough vowels and consonants MUST be pumped up...this is a new hotel which has come up near KM's small-scale unit in Hosur.

Two a's instead of one, two n's instead of one, OK, those two s's belong there, and then, again, two c's instead of one...! Why have "The" and "Grand" been spared? I wonder!

And hardly had I snapped that, when this truck passed by...

air barek 131207

If you don't check your Air Bareks regularly, you cannot stop suddenly in emergency situations...