December 16th, 2007


Road Inspection, and Theatre...

As part of the ongoing struggle to prevent our esteemed government from razing trees to make broader roads, four of us went down Kasturba Road, that abuts Cubbon Park, today. It was a wonderful walk in one sense, because starting from the Karunashraya at the corner,

Karunashraya,Kasturba Road 151207

Collapse )

Tomorrow we take our huntin'-shootin'-fishin' guest to Galibore, to show him a forest and a river where huntin', shootin' and fishin' (except for catch-and-release) are NOT permitted!

However, because of his interests, our guest is excellent at spotting he's going to be a great help in whatever photography KM and I do tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday, everyone...I love my life and I wish everyone were as happy as I am...