December 27th, 2007


Wildlife Resorts in general, and Kanha in particular, during the holiday season...

Kanha National Park is a fantastic place, which supports a very wide variety of wildlife apart from the TIGER and the BARASINGHA that it's famous for.

Kanha National Park sign

Here's the Kanha gate....

kanha gate sign 221207

Now for my whinge....

The problem with going to a wildlife resort in the holidays are manifold and it's getting even more difficult as the authorities resort to various measures to regulate the crowd, and yet allow visitors access.

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So the moral of the story is...if at all possible, do NOT visit Kanha (or for that matter, any wildlife park) in the high season; go just before the holiday times, if possible, or the weekdays following the holidays. We, who do not have an office to go to, or children's schools to think of, should have known better!

But we still managed to see an amazing variety of birds and mammals, and if this idiotic BSNL connection allows me to, pictures will follow...this entire afternoon, I have not been able to upload a single pic to Flickr and I am so frustrated that I was typing "flics to Pickr"....

But on the plus side, Kanha is almost totally plastic-free, there are a lot of guards to check that vehicles keep to the allocated routes and the speed limit, and gives the feeling of a well-administered park, so do visit it just before the "season" opens!
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