December 31st, 2007


The birds of Kanha and some of Pune

Here are some of the birds we saw; with the exception of a few, they are all birds that can be seen just outside Bangalore, too! But it was no less enjoyable to sight them in distant Madhya Pradesh.


siberian stonechat male kanha 221207

and the female...

siberian stonechat female kanha

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Here's the final photo, of the Hawk Eagle calling to the mate....on INW, I titled this, "Hey! Why don't you come and help with the housework?"

changeable hawk eagle calling 2312

Hope you enjoyed the avian tour of Kanha and Pune!

The mammals of Kanha...with picture titles....

Since I felt very bad seeing practically every visitor to Kanha focusing exclusively on the tigers and not bothering about the other great sights there, my tiger pictures are going to be the last ones on this post....

Let me start with the BARASINGHA ("one with twelve horns") or SWAMP DEER, of which there are the soft ground and hard ground varieties. Barasinghas are beautiful deer that can be found only in Kanha, and luckily, they are quite plentiful, and easily seen too. Equally luckily, they don't often stray too close to the road, and visitors have a good distance from them, and the yelling and shouting doesn't seem to disturb them...too much.

Here are a few shots of the Barasingha that I like.

"The Splash of Hooves":

barasingha water jump 2212

"The Kiss":

barasingha water kiss 2212

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the white-whiskered tigress!

And this was the first intimation we had of the presence of the tigress and her cubs. You can see the tracks of both the mother and her cubs...and the sad thing to note is, how many more jeep tracks there are, compared to the animals'....

"Our Tracks...and Theirs".....

tigress and cubs pugmarks 2212

We also saw the pugmarks of this male tiger, who was sighted, having made a kill near the road, but since we were allotted another route, we never did get to see him, as our route (MURPHY! MURPHY!) diverged from this area shortly before the road where the sighting had happened.

male tiger pugmarks kanha 221207

In fact, in south India, I call all tigers Communist-footed, because all I have seen here are....Tiger Pug-Marx!

How NOT to wish people for the new year....

1. Don't do mass emails where you are wishing some three hundred and fourteen people. No one will take such "wishes" seriously.

2. Do not hit "reply all" in response to someone who has sent you a 1. kind of email.

3.Do not do mass SMS-ing either. I dread the thought of my inbox tomorrow, really. 'Twould be better (even if more expensive) to call and wish the person.

4. And do NOT, do NOT, send anyone an email like the one I got just now.

It said, "H.Y.N.", and also said that while taking a picture of the three figurines in the attachment, two of them fell down and broke. I kid you not.

This emailer needs to see a hyn-ocologist!

PS. I used to make all my greeting cards, but have stopped now. Pity, I really, really enjoyed making those nice pop-up cards and humour cards...