January 22nd, 2008


World Bird Sanctuary, Fenton, Mo, 200108

Having rested for 48 hours was more than my daughter could do...and on Sunday she came downstairs with a plan to drive to the World Bird Sanctuary ...update on 8 March, their blog is at


...so off we went.

The big joke was that we came from balmy Bangalore to visit them, and ....all the outdoor shows (including the raptor exhibits) were "Closed Because of Extreme Cold"! We did laugh.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT bring the 20D or the 300mm Canon lens...all I had was my little Canon S3...so what quality of pictures you see, is what quality of pictures you get! Also, it was either very harsh light off the grey skies one minute, or low light the next....so...

The Visitors' Center did have a few birds sitting on the sign, as if to welcome us...

world bird sanctuary fenton mo sign

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Let me close with my "signature" photograph (either sunrise or sunset or moonrise or moonset, in this case, the third of the lot):

moon rising in St Louis 200108

Coming up next, Lone Elk Park, the Elk, the American Bison, the beauty of a dry landscape in winter....with a sundown pic there, too....

Thanks to DnA who took us there!

Lone Elk Park, Fenton, Mo. 200108

After we visited the World Bird Sanctuary, we realized that the Lone Elk Park was right adjacent to it, so we turned in there as well.

The Park was truly beautiful, even in the dried-up sereness of winter..it made me wonder how verdant and lovely it must be in spring and summer. There are several biking and hiking trails, but with the sub-zero temperatures, we stayed securely in the car, expending zero calories as we drove through the roads....and very much like Kanha or the Serengeti, we saw the mammals that this park is famous for, quite easily, as they seem quite used to human beings (though they keep their distance) and are not disturbed by passing cars.

The two main mammals that we saw....

Firstly, the ELK ..... contrary to the name of the park, we saw quite a large number of animals. There were not many young ones, though there were several sub-adults.

the magnificience of the antlers...elk stag

and the AMERICAN BISON, which dates back to pre-Columbus America:

american bison grazing

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Here's the sun going down in the park...the frozen and crystalline quality in the air and in the woods reminds me of many pictures that asakiyume posts from her winter surroundings:

sunset in Lone Elk Park

That was Lone Elk Park... a wonderful wilderness, pristine and beautiful even in the dead of winter.