February 2nd, 2008


What's up...or down...with Yahoo?

First I read that Yahoo is planning layoffs, then that MS is bidding for it...but what impacts me is, most of the emails I am sending on Yahoo are bouncing back or just being undelivered, which can cause problems, y'know, and misunderstandings...at least 3 emails have disappeared, and today I emailed idahoswede and it promptly bounced back...

As they say here, "what gives?" All you techies on my friends' list..do you have answers?

Went to see BodyWorlds3

This exhbition was one I have wanted to see for a long time, and when I realized it was on at the St Louis Science Center, off we went...

Photography is not allowed inside the exhibtion hall, but here are some links to help one understand what it's about...

Not one of the exhibits on this site were on view; they were all different:


We saw some of the exhibit in this collection of photographs:



talks about it all.

And here's one visitor's reaction (some time ago, but the exhibits are preserved)


Dr Gunther von Hagens is both excellent at his patented technique, and an artist....we were very impressed. Since we are members at the Science Center, we got a $3 discount on the normally $18 tickets...well worth it. Never, outside an autopsy room, would we have got to see what constitutes the human body, and even there, it would have been with all the gore and off-putting layers of fat....this was clean, and shown so that we could marvel at the fantastic feat that the human body is, and marvel even further about the mind and the soul that animate it.