February 6th, 2008


One Man Voting

I followed one man as he went to vote on Super Tuesday.

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After voting, the man came out of the dark church basement, wearing this sticker:

I voted...sticker

An important thing for us Indians to note...I was at no point of time asked not to come in because I was not a citizen, or prevented from taking photographs. I am SURE that in India this would not be the case. There would have been SOME "Do Not"s forced upon a non-citizen, especially one with a camera.

Adult franchise in a democracy....one of the most wonderful things that a free human being can think of.

One of my perennial favourites....

I can never hear this song enough.....oh, the pangs of unrequited love!

The lyrics:

ajeeb dAsthAn hai yEh
kahAn shuru kahAn khatham
yeh manzilEin kaun see
na wOh samajh sakEy na hum

yeh rOshnee ke sAth kyOn
dhuAn utthA chirAg sEy
yeh khwAb dEkhthee hoon meyn
ki jag padi hoon khwAb sEy

mubArakEin thUmhEy ki thUm (that's the "U" pronounced as in "book")
kisee key noor hO gayEy
kiseeke ithnEy pAs hO
ki sabsEy dhoor hO gayEy

kiseeka pyAr lEyke thUm
nayA jahAn basAogEy
yeh shAm jab bhi AyEgee
thUm hamkO yAAd AogEy

Translation (if anyone has a better version do give it!)

What a weird tale this is...
Where does it begin, where does it end?
What are the destinations?
Neither of us understands

Why, with the light,
Does the smoke arise from the lamp?
I dream...
..that I have woken up from the dream

Congratulations to you..you have
Become the light of someone's life
You have become so close to someone
That you are far away from everyone else

With someone's love, you
Will create a new world
Whenever (the memory of) this evening comes
I will think of you

The heroine is Meena Kumari , who was a great tragedienne...in her later years, she was fat, a diva in her behaviour...her life itself was very unhappy.

The Wikipaedia link is really nice...it includes some "shAyri" (couplet verse poetry) that she herself wrote.

Ap kee nazrOn nEy samjhA....

Another of my eternal favourites....this time of love returned...what a voice Lata has, it gives me goose-pimples as I write this.

Ap kee nazrOn nEy samjhA
pyAr kEy kAbil mujhEy
dil ki aey dhadkan ttheher jA
mil gayee manzil mujhEy

jee,humEyn manzoor hei
Ap kA yeh faislA
keh rahee hai hur naZar
banthA parvar shukriyA
has kEy apnee zindagee mein
kar liyA shhAmil mujhEy

Ap kee manzil hoon meyn
mEri manzil Ap hain
kyoon mein thoofAn sEy daroon
merA sAhil Ap hain
kOyee thoofAnOn sEy keh dEy
mil gayA sAhil mujhEy

pad gayee dil par merEy
Ap kee parchAyinyAn
har tharaf bajnEy lagee
sainkdOn shehnAyiyAn
dO jahAn kee Aj khushiyAn hO gayee hAsil mujhEy


Your eyes consider me
Worthy of love
Oh, my heartbeat, stop:
I have found my destination

Yes-('jee' is also an honorific way of addressing someone)I am agreeable
To this decision of yours
Each glance says
God, thank you!
With a smile, into your life
You brought me

I am your goal
and you are mine
Why should I be afraid of the storm
You are my shore (where the boat of life comes ultimately to rest)
Let someone tell the storms
That I have found my shore

On my heart has fallen
Your shadow:
In every direction, has started the playing
Of millions of "shehnAi" (wind instrument used at weddings)
The joys of two worlds
Are mine today....

I love singing both these songs, and each time I know how far short of perfect my rendition is, and I try to improve! I was planning to post my rendition on Evoca, but realized that the original would be far better.

The heroine is Mala Sinha and the hero is Dharmendra , often called "Garam Dharam" (Hot Dharam) because of his good looks and his interesting private life!

I have started hunting for Indian poetry and music...I think I am ready to go back home....! ;)