February 12th, 2008



Where does this pain come from?
She's grown up, her own woman,
Leading a full life: Happy in her world.
She's loving, welcomes me always,
The leaves of her home and heart unfurled.

Then where does detachment flee to?
Where's my philosophy?
Why this terrible, can't-breathe pain?
Why does this umbilical cord,that comes from the heart,
Trouble me again and again?

I have a great life in my own home,
Friends and dear ones waiting for me
Halfway across the earth.
Why,then, these pangs of separation...
Why does pain always come with birth?

And a child's pain is special:
One feels it, I think, sometimes,
As much as the daughter does...twice as much:
When she screams it's I who shed tears
The pain of a mother's love is such.

Never have a child or adopt one..
There's just too much pain in maternal love.
Love pulled me to her side in just a few hours;
Being with her always feels complete...
But bearing separation seems...now..beyond my powers.

I know I will be happy again,
Feel complete and fulfilled..
All of it without my child at my side.
I will be content and peaceful once more
But right now the wound in my heart gapes so wide...

Do not be attached...the song of the Gita
Is a lesson I seem to have read.
But it's not one I have yet learnt:
To keep my distance from attachment's fires,
To be serene,not get repeatedly burnt.

The birds I saw in Forest Park

Non-birders, s.k.i.p!

The birds do include some birds in captivity on the Zoo lake (apparently, they CAN fly away if they want to...but they don't, as they get regular food here! Does that remind you of grown children who live with their parents? Well, that's the culture in India...)

But first, let me list the local birds...

Here are two views of the SONG SPARROW:

song sparrow, Forest Park 020208

and its front view:

another view of song sparrow

Collapse )

I close with this shot that I call "Black and White":

black and white st louis Zoo 070208