February 20th, 2008


Two views of philosophy


Try to avoid attachment. Live like the lotus leaf, afloat on the pond but not affected by the waves. Learn to treat happiness and sorrow equally dispassionately. Achieve serenity.


Life IS feeling. Without feeling, one is equal to being dead. Embrace feeling, both joy and sorrow, and feel them intensely, and LIVE.

What would you choose? Most of us, I think, muddle along in the middle somewhere...perhaps we should be using more of this:

logic number plate

No, not Missouri Logic...just logic!

Off in a few hours, should be back by Monday.

The Offer

So...my job offer.

Refer to


...I was, out of the blue, offered a job with Bangalore Walks which is partnering with the Govt of Karnataka, Maple, the caterers, and the Indian Railways (or should I say the Southern Railways) to do this heritage train tour.

The train ride is brand new so the job content will evolve. Hopefully, I will have the skills required, and learn some of them.

I am leaving on the trial train ride today, and it will be a trial for me, too, as I am rated on my abilities; I too will have a chance to see if I can bring the right skills to this, and add value to the tourists' experience of this great State of mine.

I am suffering collywobbles. I am afraid of falling flat on my face. But I also know that given the right circumstances the fit will be good. I was very impressed with Arun Pai and his presentation was excellent, as are his walks. I would like to work for this....

So...wish me luck, someone net the butterflies in my stomach....I am off in a short while.

The train is supposed to be wifi enabled throughout. I am photo-documenting the trip, too. And keeping notes for further improvement on the train run. So you might hear more from me.