March 3rd, 2008



Yes, boysngulls,ladiesngenmun, and all others...I am not dead, but my internet connection nearly was. Took a lot of help from anushsh and sainath (the latter came home to spend a little time and wound up giving me a lot of help as usual) get this thing to the point where I can actually type more than 2 lines without the darnfool thing collapsing on me.

Since that is not lady-like language, I would like to post this very beautiful wildflower that I photographed in Srirangapatna on the Golden Chariot trip.

wildflower at srirangapatna 220208

On Saturday I had a fantastic time in Lalbagh with Mahesh, amoghavarsha and Pavitra; on Sunday, a phenomenally productive birding trip to T G Halli (Thippe Gondena Halli if you want the full name) with sainath, shivakumar_l, anushsh, and I met some very good photographers and saw a variety of birds, including some majestic's a BOOTED EAGLE (sorry, that acme of bird-id-ers, Abhijit Menon-Sen, says he was mistaken, my original id of TAWNY EAGLE was right):

booted eagle Thippe Gondana Halli Dam 020308

Just beginning to post many other pictures to Flickr, so if this hell-sent frustration internet connection keeps up, will be able to catch up soon...Hope all of you had as great a time as I did, over the weekend....two birding trips, a great play, two yum lunches with friends, leisurely walk in the gloaming with spouse....

Some take photographs, some make art...

Here's one of H S Ganesh's (I know him only through his photos on INW) images...It was great to meet him on Sunday:

And just to show what art is, here is MY image of the Jungle Mynah:

Perfectly adequate and good.

And right next to me stood Mahesh Devarajan, clicking the same Myna with the SAME combination (Canon 20D and Canon 300mm ...the only difference was, he had a teleconverter.)

and this is his image of that same bird:

Oh, I have a looooong, looooong way to go....and I may never reach there....