March 4th, 2008


Should take my own advice..

I am SO good at giving out gyaan. "Don't compare yourself with anyone else," I say wisely to my friends (obviously; my enemies are not going to listen to me.) "You are unique in your own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Don't worry about others."

Then, of course, I don't take my own advice. This was brought home forcibly to me when I went on a birding trip over the weekend, I found myself comparing my sighting skills and photographic skills with the others and feeling quite a dud.

Someone (you know who you are) sent me practically my own words back to me and I realize that's what I should do...why is it that advice has to come from outside? I think wisdom is taking one's own good advice..or, rather, realizing the knowledge behind the words oneself! :)

Meanwhile, sometime today I hope to get to make the posts about the Lalbagh and T G Halli birding trips; but here are three of those super-cute SSO (Sainath's Spotted Owlets) sitting together in beautiful companionship, in Lalbagh:

1-2-3 ! Lalbagh 010308

Brahminy Kites at Lalbagh 010308

Apart from the other birds sighted at Lalbagh last Saturday, it was lovely to see four BRAHMINY KITES enjoying the air currents and gliding lazily around, landing on the huge Ficus benjamina trees and then taking off again. Here are some shots I took of these handsome birds in flight:

two brahminy kites lalbagh 010308

Here's one of them in front view:

brahminy kite front forward

And one that catches the bird as it soars up:

brahminy kite beak shadow

And another that catches it using those powerful wings to great effect:

brahminy kite going up!

Alas, I never got all four birds close enough together to get a single shot of them...but obviously, the Brahminy kites at Lalbagh are breeding and doing well, and that is usually, one gets to see only one Brahminy kite for every twenty or thirty Black (pariah) kites.

I still think we human beings have been incredibly foolish in our evolutionary path, not to have learnt how to fly (by ourselves, that is)!

The Lalbagh outing 010308

Mahesh and I decided we would go to Lalbagh quite early, so he picked me up and we went off to see what we could see.

Well, almost the first thing that struck me was the answer to the question, "Why are we here?" which appeared like this:

bird watching tee lalbagh 010308

The gentleman sporting the tee had no objection to my taking a photo of it, and told me he had got it somewhere in 4th T block, Jayanagar!

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