April 2nd, 2008


The Brand Equity Quiz, Bangalore Round


What I did not say, very modestly, is that I answered an audience question and got a Fosters' tee shirt and a thermos flask and a 500-rupee gift voucher...and 500 rupee gift vouchers for my entire row as well! Many of my friends from QuizFamilies had come as well, so we were a happy group!

These cheap thrills give so much pleasure!

And the question? "What the Hindi word that's entered the OED, that means a tip for services appreciated over and above the ordinary?" No one in the hall knew this as it is rather a "Brit", archaic word....

Any guesses, anyone? Well, I expect most of you to get it, though.

Sad, I wanted to play SOME prank on you guys yesterday, but the day was an unstructured fiasco from morning to evening...the day played a trick on ME!