April 18th, 2008


Vine at IISc CES

The IISc campus is always beautiful to walk in; the tree canopy meets overhead, so even on the hottest of days, one walks through a dim green light.

scene with palm fronds and pillars IISc 160408

We had gone to the Centre for Ecological Studies, to see the documentary by David Attenborough being screened (this one was about how various insects, after long periods in the water or the undergrowth, take to the air)...and in front of the building was this amazing vine. What a beautiful abstract picture it makes against the wall...

pattern of vine against stucco wall IISc 160408

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It's hard and woody and quite old now, and incredibly beautiful!

Sunrise today....

The sun rises on a fresh, new day, and one feels that one can leave old fears behind and indulge in fresh hopes...

sunrise 180408 casa ansal

The fresh hopes being, that the plumber who has been playing hide-and-seek will finally arrive and address that bathroom leak (update...he did arrive with minions at 10am, and promptly disappeared,promising to start work in "half an hour"...and will not be making a return appearance today.)

Or that the friend who will rectify (ot at least diagnose the problem of) my internet connection, will be able to make it today, his weekly off-day....will give an update on that later.

The clouds ,which veiled the sun this morning, dispersed, and it's another fairly hot summer's day.

More from IISc

Since so many people liked that photo of the light on the gardens at IISc, here are a few more images....

Here's the light pouring on to the grass in front of the main building:

light on the grass IISc 180408

And here's one avenue, with a magnificient stand of trees:

magnificient avenue, and lawn IISc

And some plants (we call them Crotons) which are glowing blood-red in the backlight:

backlit plants IISc

Next lot will be various flora that I saw there and then I will come to the Circle Goddess, yes, she IS really called that!