May 27th, 2008


Back Home... here are some bird photographs

Feels great to be back home though I am dealing with a flooded bathroom. Our friend went to have a shower at 5.30am, before leaving to take the flight to Mumbai....and the bathroom, in true Murphy style, developed a huge leak from the pipes.... AND the control valve, which would shut off the water to the bathroom, is also broken) and a mass of contusions and bruises from three falls in Kodaikanal (alas, I wish they were waterfalls, but they are my-body falls to the pavement or road!)

Looking at my friends' list in between the cooking and the firefighting, er, waterfighting,.... and what a lot of interesting stuff there seems to be, to read and digest....I do miss LJ when I am out of town, though I can do without email or anything else...and I do miss being able to post my pictures "as and when"...I don't want to sit in some parlour, so I end up having to wait till I get home.

Here are two birds that I loved watching in Kodai. One was a mother PIED BUSHCHAT she is, flying off from the rubber tree near her cottage to find food...

bushchat flying off to find food kodai lake

I enjoyed watching her and her baby, very near our cottage; here's the collage of the bird, the baby asking for food, the mother going off to get it, and coming back to say, in typical "Mommy" style, "now open your mouth, for goodness' sake!"

pied bushchat mom and baby kodai 230508

And here's the LITTLE GREBE...a single family, with two chicks, which managed to find food even amongst the crowds of tourists on the lake.

Here, first, are the beautiful babies, swimming along...

grebe babies kodai lake 230508

Here's the adult, catching a fish on the lake, you can see the war going on:

grebe actually catching the fish kodai lake 240508

And here's the successful predator:

grebe with fish kodai lake 240508

And here's the adult with the baby nearby, I posted this to INW with the title, "Put breakfast on our bill"....

grebe and chick with fish kodai lake 240508

I managed to see both the Kodaikanal-famous birds.....ORANGE-AND-BLACK FLYCATCHER and the LAUGHING THRUSH on the last evening, quite close to the lake, but when I had no camera with me, and to use the golf jargon that I have been exposed to for the past week, that's par for the course!

Next, the "paravai kAvadi" (the penance of the bird) festival at the Kodai mAriamman temple....must upload the video to Flickr now....


Raindrops themselves can be inverted image-makers of the world, instead of blotting out the world in a sheet of rain...

raindrops on leaves kodai 240508 S3

I loved the rain in Kodai, and the mists and clouds that it brought, as much as the sunshine:

mist on the lake kodai 240508

The mist on the lake takes the images back to the sepia era of shadows, not colours.

There was an "almost rainbow" that formed in the rain-bearing clouds while I was walking around the golf course (with MLC of course) on the Kodai golf course.

almost a rainbow....kodai golf course 240508

Water and sunlight..together, they produce magic...and life.