June 4th, 2008


Citizen Matters: Article on the K R Market Heritage Walk

I was just waiting for this article to come out, because I didn't want to put up anything on my LJ on the same topic beforehand.

The article is

to be found if you click here

I really like the design of this article, which Meera and Subbu put together for me. I can do more photo/text essays now...I can document my beloved city, warts and all.

Anyone who wants to see more pictures that I took on the heritage walk (how nice, it is not called the hisitage walk! *feminist smile*).... can go to

this Flickr account and see page 1 and a few more pics on page 2.

postage stamp of one of my favourite places

Which is one of my favourite places to go off to for a couple of days when I can?

Here's a postage stamp of it, which I saw quite by chance, when a letter with this stuck on arrived at my doorstep:


By the way (not btw), the graininess is on the STAMP picture. I am not guilty.

And what I like about the stamp is....the ever-present, space-hogging tiger (yes, the SIT that doesn't exist) is NOT featured on it. LOTS of other fauna, that make Bandipur such a wonderful place.

chirdeep_shetty has a few more days to go on his assignment with JLR there. As far as I am concerned, his initials are...I.N.V. Chirdeep!