July 7th, 2008


Children Available

Anyone who is childless and wants to rectify the situation easily:


I spent a lot of time in Mylapore and enjoyed photographing the sights... here's a view of the kapAleeshwara (Siva..KapAli means, one who is with a skull)temple "tank" or pond, with a view of the Thirumylai Metro station in the background:


Will get around to the Thattekad and Mylapore posts...soon...

Visit to a temple

I was not really keen, today, on visiting a temple, but DnA wanted to, and I hung around, not entering the sanctum sanctorum, pondering the fact that my brother did NOT like temples and wondering why I needed to be there. The priest was doling out handfuls of sweet rice, and I took m handful, and walked, ahead of the others, and stood outside the gate.

A young couple, he in a new kurta, she with the sindoor in the parting of her hair, and multiple bangles and necklaces adorning her, walked up. The watchman told them the temple had just shut, and was in the process of winding down, so not even a darshan of the main sanctum was possible. Disappointment was writ large on their faces; even the priest who had been giving out the prasad had gone away.

On an impulse, I walked towards the young husband and gave them the sweet that the priest had given me. The young man took it, but his wife, who had walked a little way into the temple, had a look of suspicion and distrust on her face as she came to see what was in the little roll of tissue paper given to her spouse...then her features melted into a sweet smile, that spread to her husband's face, also.

That kind of sweet smile gave me a great lift to my spirits. So, perhaps, it was worth going to the temple after all....comfort comes in many guises.

Meanwhile, this seller of plastic flowers wants to get his message unequivocally across:


Welcome, indeed, to the new day, as I am already 6 minutes into the 8th of July....