July 18th, 2008


Trees and plants of Thattekad

The most amazingly large trees that we saw in the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Thattekad were what were called, in Malayalam, the Chini tree. Here's one of the tallest that we saw. The size of this tree was so awesome...here it is, soaring into the air:

Size of the Chini Tree

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Let me close with this lovely, but un-id, wildflower that we saw:

un id wildflower

Plenty of other interesting flora met our eyes, but photography became impossible sometimes, with poor light and pouring rain!

Birds, local mammals, and scenes of Thattekad

And finally, all the birds of Thattekad....and some of the scenes we saw.

We were unable to sight the MALABAR TROGON, that we were very keen on (Adarsh: "I knew I should not have come with you for this sighting, given your luck with the SIT"), but we did see plenty of other birds, and got some photographs, and just saw some others....

Here's the SMALL BLUE KINGFISHER. Salim Ali calls this the COMMON BLUE; but alas, it is no longer so common as the white-throated kingfisher!

small blue kingfisher

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Here, in conclusion, is the only wild mammal we saw at Thattekad...this MALABAR GIANT SQUIRREL, busy with breakfast!

malabar giant squirrel

Hope you liked your etrip to Thattekad....!