August 8th, 2008


The Beijing Olympics

First of all, see date and time stamp. :D. I don't know how to manipulate that, so I got it on the nail!

I got these pictures off the TV, on DD Sports....

The Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympus (oh my goodness, you know you are a camera freak when you call the event the Olympus instead of the Olympics!!) started at 080808,080808, Chinese was 1738 hours for us.

They started with immense fanfare, and I decided to get my camera; by then, they were showing how China had given the world paper:

china paper beijing olympics 080808

Chinese gymnastics were shown, too:

chinese gymnast

Collapse )

In spite of my every wish to be a world citizen, a tear left my eye and stole down my cheek as I watched the images....

indian flag waving at Beijing

The opening ceremonies were magnificient...and we were awestruck.

Now to make sure that I post this at 080808 pm, on 080808! It's 24 hour time on LJ....

Update: I managed to post at 8 minutes past 8 o'clock on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year two thousand and 8!

Actually, these kind of "landmarks" or "datemarks" are not really important to me, but it was a challenge to get the pictures uploaded, the entry made, and posted *tingggg!* just so!