August 11th, 2008


It's NOT easy...

I was speaking to someone (let's call this person...ummmm...I got it! "A") about another person's ("B"...however did you know I was going to call the second person that?) disorganized working. A said that my comments were offensive because, "all your life you have done only things that you wanted to do."

Now, I found *that* remark offensive. Just because I am generally on top of my work doesn't mean that I don't do all the donkey work or regular chores. Really, some people seem to think that my life is nothing but wildlife and photography and writing LJ posts. Yes, it does seem like that..but...I maintain the apartments, manage the help, take care of the dozen small crises that loom up (as I write, I must:

a. fight the bank about keeping an account inoperable for the past 3 years, and after at least 3 weeks of CONSTANT fighting now;
b. chase up the shower-booster-pump guy who is not returning with a taken-to-be-repaired part;
c. go and visit a flat, the construction of which I am overseeing to the general dissatisfaction of the builder, to make sure that the future owner of the flat is not too dissatisfied;
d. buy vegetables;
e. get some cheques revalidated, that another careless person allowed to lapse;
f. check on whether the property tax is due yet, and pay it if so;
g. check if our new BSNL internet plan is in operation or not;
h. check if I can organize two interviews;
...and so it goes.)

Yes, I do like to keep the work to proportions where it does not swamp me, though that happens sometimes. I like to have leisure, but that does NOT make me either idle, or you-don't-do-this-so-you-don't-know-how-to-do-this.

But why the assumption that if I am on top of my work and the way I organize my life, it is because I don't...or can't... do the things other people do?

Meanwhile in the not-germane-to-anything dept:

peeping child 090808

How many children would peep out of the boot or the bumper of a Maruti 800?