August 25th, 2008


A little down again...and commentlessness...

It's a kind of roller-coaster ride, this thing called bereavement. I never usually think that things like birthdays (after the first ten are over) are big deals, but I felt really low today, because today my brother would have turned 51. I remembered the lovely party my sis in law organized for him last year...KM and I went...did we even imagine that that would be his last birthday? Definitely not.

One nice anecdote out of the past: My parents had bought us both expensive badminton rackets, and during a quarrel, my brother broke mine. Weeping, I went to my mother to complain. My brother followed almost immediately, with a happy smile on his face. "Sorry, I know I shouldn't have broken your racket!" he said; "I felt very bad, so I have broken mine also, I hope you will be OK now!" My mother was most certainly not OK!

And the commentlessness...I keep my blog post public and even enable anonymous posting because I am interested in, my stat counter informs me that I had 111 unique visitors..did not even ONE of them feel like making a single comment? Expressing their point of view, plus or minus?

Oh well. Friends came by, and cheered me up again....and let me post, from my trip to Nandi Hills, this image, that I call "Stairway to Heaven" (isn't that a beautiful song by Eric Clapton?)

steps to yoganandishwara temple nandi hills 240808

With all the crowds and cars and trash, Nandi Hills is still an incredibly beautiful place....


One of the people who stands very high on my "EXPHO" (Excellent Photographers) list is yathin. I am sure he will be horrified at this compliment. But of the many people I know, he takes such excellent images, and his love of the subject just sings from every frame.

Here are some photographs he has just posted:

I can't compare the photographs. I just look, and enjoy each one. No matter if I have the bestest camera in the whole world...I could never, ever, produce images like these.

A couple of them brought involuntary tears to my eyes. They were not tears of joy or's an interesting concept I have learnt in my life, that there can be tears of beauty. I have shed tears of beauty when I finally saw the Pieta by Michaelangelo. I shed them when I was in the small public terrace in Trump Tower in Manhattan, looked up at the sun right overhead, and saw two perfect concentric rainbows, which I have never seen before or after. I have shed them when I seen the Himalayas, no matter how many times.

Thank you for those images, Yathin.