September 3rd, 2008


Ganesha in the flames

This is the pooja that I did at home:

puja at home 030908

But I was photographing the pooja that we had downstairs, on the lawn, common to all the apartments in the building; and I like to fancy that Ganesha was present in the flames of the hOmA:

ganesha in the flames casa ansal 030908

With a little imagination, I can see the the elephant fan-ear on the right, the head, the single-tusk (Ganesha broke off the other tusk to write the epic, Mahabharata, as Vyasa declaimed it), the swelling belly (full of devotees' offerings!) to the lower left...!

Indra Dhanush

It was raining heavily in the morning; the afternoon was filled with bright, hot sunshine; the evening had both sunshine and rain, and so this resulted:

rainbow view ca 030908

We were able to see half the circle, but it's beyond the scope of my MLC (Canon S3) to capture it...

In Hindu mythology, the rainbow is the bow of Indra. Indra's weapon is the Vajra or thunderbolt; he associates with Vaayu, the wind god, and Varun, the god of rain. Indra, by the way, is a "designation", any god with the right qualifications can become Indra.

Oh, and there are moonbows , too...I have seen one in Cumberland, Kentucky ...the one I saw was very faint, nothing like the pictures in that link!