September 4th, 2008



Some people like being wished on their birthdays. Some people don't really mind one way or the other; KM, for example, says every day is as good (or bad) as any other day; he doesn't wait to indulge himself, get together with friends, or do something he wants to do.

But some people seem actively irritated when you wish them on their birthday. One such person seemed to feel bad for snapping at me, and explained, "I know that I will never remember your birthday, so I feel guilty when you wish me." I told this person that I didn't expect "return wishes"!

Another person told me, "I am now getting older and older, don't remind me that I have less and less time left." I wonder if this person realizes that we are getting older and older and have less and less time left..from the minute we are born! If you are (as this person is) 60, and have been able to last this long, I think it should be a matter to feel happy about!

I don't make a big deal of my birthday-- the only time I have ever had a birthday party was for my 50th, which I really enjoyed-- but I do feel happy if someone wishes me, and certainly, I cannot snap at someone who wishes me.

Then,of course, there are those (and I am not talking about children here) who are very keen to celebrate their birthdays, and take offense if I have forgotten to wish them on the right day!

But usually, a birthday (or anniversary) wish is sometimes a way to reach out and say hello and update oneself, as makes a good reason to call and say hello. So I think, in spite of my experience with the snapping turtles, I will continue to wish those whose birthdays I remember.

What? photographs!
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To sit among the cinders and weep....

I saw this pile of coke a couple of days ago:

for cinder bg road 020908

There was no one around to enquire what the going rates were....or how this load came to be dumped there. (That man in the picture was just some random person sitting there.)

What ARE cinders used for? I thought cinders were the remains of coal from a fire, but apparently I am mistaken.

...and that reminds me of Cinderella....who became known by that name because she had to sit amongst the's an entry that gives her real name .

On an egroup I belong to, someone was remarking that in India we often think of domestic help and security personnel, not as employees, but as "servants". How many Cinderellas do we have, who weep in the middle of their daily drudgery, and for whom there will be no ball, fairy godmother, or Prince Charming?