September 11th, 2008


The Birds on the INW/Mysore trip, and some reptiles, too...

Non-birding you go.... and bird watchers, if you are looking for rare, uncommon you go...

Some of the birds we spotted in Mysore; first, at the Karanji Lake, a beautiful water body in Mysore town, right next to the Zoo:

One lone SPOT-BILLED PELICAN was alternately swimming and flying around as if to provide photo ops for the INW members:

spot-billed pelican karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

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It wasn't shedding crocodile tears, but the baby croc was certainly smiling a crocodile smile, that was lit up by the sunshine!

croc smile Pictures, Images and Photos

More photos...plants, and snaps of Mysore follow...

Mysore...some of the sights....

Since the new highway opened up, Mysore is just a couple of hours' non-stop drive away. (But the stops, with each town having a name assigned to it on the highway signs..."silk town Channapatna, historic town Srirangapatna, sugar town Mandya", and so on.... are SO interesting!)

srirangapatna highway sign Pictures, Images and Photos

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A final shot of the beauty of Karanji Lake:

karanji lake 060908 Pictures, Images and Photos