September 15th, 2008


Cannonballs and Curiosities....

Had a great weekend (as I hope you did, I am such a polite person) between barcamp, a grihapravEsham, and a very good play....but on Friday, I went to visit ATREE , and on the way, got this great snap of...A TREE.... which explains why the Cannonball Tree is so called....

cannonball tree and curious items blr 130908

You can see one flower near the top left-hand-side of the snap, but the wiki entry that you get when you click on the tree name gives good photographs of the lovely flowers of this tree, which we call the nAgalinga tree. The flowers have such a lovely, faint, delicate scent....

But I couldn't help also the notice behind the tree.... the word "curio" in English means, objets d'art, small artefacts that are not of particular use, but beautiful in and of themselves. So of course, we keep confusing the word, and this particular shop-owner has become quite honest and decided to call them "curious items", not "curios"!

Or does he mean that those wares in his shop will be very curious about finding things about us when we enter and ask us a lot of nosy,prying questions...? (Imagine a ghastly "glass Taj Mahal" asking me, the minute I enter, "Why have you come in if you don't like me? Do you think you can get anything cheap here, apart from the quality of the items here? And why do you want to buy a cheap gift? Why can't you be generous?")

Though I must say, the curious thing about some of the items I see in shops is, why on earth anyone would want to pay good money for them....

Flowers,plants and Flying Foxes

Some of the flowers that I photographed during the Mysore trip; I have no clue about the id's (I never ever seem to see the same plant twice!!) here goes:

They may have no name as far as I am concerned, but they are still so beautiful:

un id wildflower 070909 Pictures, Images and Photos

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Here are two fruit bats, bickering amongst themselves:

fruit bats fighting Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah, that's the Mysore trip done...if it takes me a week to document a two-day trip, that's not very efficient!

(no subject)

Can anyone explain, when I am posting on LJ, I keep getting ads which tell me how I can control my abdominal fat?

I do have abdominal fat, I can't deny it (all those sandesh and chocolate and et ceteras need somewhere to go and park themselves! But...I am perfectly happy with my "love handles" and don't feel the need to have a "kodi pOla idai" (waist slender as a creeper) that Tamizh literature talks about, or the 18-inch waist that Scarlett O'Hara had in Gone With The Wind why do I get inundated with these ads? Shed some light please...

Er, right now, I have an ad for a research project, instant diabetes monitoring, and instant remote access to employees....

Double Rainbow

double rainbow iimb barcamp 130908

You're feeling down and out.You feel old.
There's a storm about.You feel cold.
The storm clouds mass;the showers come to pass.
Suddenly, in the shrouds of grey rainclouds--
A rainbow in the sky! No...there are two!
Science can tell you why....but who
Wants to know why? Do you?
A rainbow is like life:
Full of both happiness and strife.
When there is both sun and rain,
Both happiness and pain,
There is no black and white--
Only the prism show
Of the rainbow.
When the rain is stronger, and the sun,
The rainbow comes along with another one:
A little dimmer, not as bright.
A wonderful sight.
Pain and happiness together
Bring the rainbow of Life's weather.
Make the colours, seven-hued,
That lift the heart when they are viewed.
All I know
Is that I am lucky that my day...has a rainbow.