September 18th, 2008


Am I becoming too tolerant?

I often find posts from friends where they talk about pet peeves, things they detest, and I find myself looking on the other side a lot...if they grouse about English usage, I think to myself, the language has to evolve, and sometimes it won't evolve to suit our tastes; but at other times, 'tat' and 'u' and other sms lingo does bug me!...if they grouse about man-animal conflict, and how the animals are being victimized, I think of the poor villagers who can only see that the leopard will lift their cattle and goats. When children complain about parents, I see the parents' view, when it's parents doing the complaining, I can clearly see what it is that puts children out of sync with their parents.

Is this ability to see the "other" point of view (even if I might not necessarily share it) a good thing? Surely, it would be better to be passionate about things, believe in certain tenets and be clear in one's thoughts and actions?

But then, isn't it better, as a human being, to be able to put oneself in another shoes?Am I tolerant? Or merely indecisive and a ditherer?

....Whoops, there I go again!

Meanwhile, this wall ad seems to say, have an ice-cream, we are giving you the time!

ice cream clock

Off to check on leaking bathrooms, packers and movers, and other stuff..