September 22nd, 2008


Valley School area, Saturday and Sunday

What a lovely weekend....I got to go to the Valley School area on both Saturday (with Bharat, Pratima , Vijay etc) and on Sunday ( Mahesh Devarajan and anushsh)....and attended "Dhwani", the annual fundraiser of Bangalore Kidney Foundation . Excellent concerts and birdsong, and on Sunday it was the birthday of Srikrishna, who works for Unitus ...and met Vikram Sampath , was a hectic weekend but extremely enjoyable, with a good meeting for Clean and Green thrown in as well....when, in the middle of an urban park, we had an excellent sighting of a SHIKRA!

Humans singing and birds singing...what more could one want!

Let me start with some of the butterflies, bees and insects I saw over both days (after all, they have the most eye appeal!)

The JEZEBEL on a LANTANA plant:

jezebel onlantana 210908

A WHITE-ORANGE TIP (yes, *some*times butterfly names make sense!)

white orange tip 210908

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I loved this arching grass over the bee....

bee with grass

Other creatures will follow, but we are moving our office space and I *H A T E* moving, so I am off now....

Weekend Birds....

To be out in the open air early in the morning, watching the birds slowly becoming active (yes, Bangalore birds are as slow as the rest of us, activity in these cloudy days only starts at around 7.30 or 8 AM!)'s a great joy.

Some of the birds we saw (AND photographed, which wasn't always possible!), in no particular order....

We regularly seem to see this ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD in the area:

oriental honey buzzard

Just see that fierce "raptor" look!

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Some of these ornamental flowers have spread all over the slopes:

un id flower 210908

Two lovely mornings, spent with friends....!