October 8th, 2008


The flora of Agumbe

The flowers of Agumbe were varied and each was more beautiful than the others....as usual, there were only some I could id, and others remained mysterious; let me start with this exquisite three-petal wildflower that I spotted:

un id triangular wildflower

These purple flowers, too, smiled up in their hundreds on the hillsides:

un id wildflower snapdragon like purple

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The AMORPHOPHYLLUS YAM flowers/fruiting bodies were very common, but no less striking for that:

Amorphopallus yam  20D

A feast of colour, shape and form, the flowers on the hillside were a treat in themselves!

Agumbe Butterflies and Bugs

The butterflies certainly made up for the lack of "new" birds that we could spot in Agumbe...they were out in all their variety and colour....

Here is the butterfly parade first:

A butterfly which I saw (or rather, noticed) for the first time was the GREY PANSY:

grey pansy

We started with the YELLOW ORANGE TIP, which kept flitting about just out of reach:

yellow orange tip

The TAMIL YEOMAN was a first-timer for me:

tamil yeoman

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Finally there were these FULVOUS FOREST SKIMMERS everywhere:

fulvous forest skimmer

The small-scale life-forms that I call "Life Under Foot" was just incredibly beautiful in Agumbe!
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