October 20th, 2008


Saturday Flowers....

A quickly-organized trip to the Valley School area resulted in a very pleasant Saturday morning indeed; I am trying to get some butterfly ids, but meanwhile, I thought, what better way to begin a Monday than with some beautiful flowers....

Here's a MORNING GLORY with the backlight illuminating it...

backlit morning glory

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Lastly, a raindrop caught on bamboo leaves:

raindrop on bamboo leaf

The Saturday birds....

Actually, Garima, who drove anushsh, Gayathri, and me to Valley School, says that the morning was "low" on sightings; yes, indeed, we did not see too many BEE-EATERS, no LARKS at all, and my usual ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD had probably gone to visit relatives for the weekend...but what we saw was interesting enough! One of the most leisurely poses was given by this ASIAN KOEL (male) that almost worried us, so contentedly was it sitting in the tree....

asian koel male

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Garima was able to get a photograph of the spectacular white male ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, but I had to settle for the rufous plumage of the lady:

asian paradise flycatcher female

Next up, the butterflies, insects and others.....

Butterflies,insects, others...Valley School, 181008

Due to the constant rain, the paths and slopes at the Valley School area were full of lush vegetation, and the wildflowers were out in their hundreds, too. Ideal conditions for butterflies and insects and all the "et cetera"s that make Life Under Foot so fascinating!

Of course, I am now a nice certified "L board" when it comes to butterfly id's as well. These creatures have got birds beaten hollow. You have the wings-open appearance,and you have the wings-closed appearance, the male, the female, the larva, the pupa...and just when you think you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel it turns out that this is a butterfly which is mimicking another one! GRRRRRR!

Oh, well, following my usual practice of trying for a couple hours or so on the Net,and if I can't get any positive id, ASK (Ask S Karthik), here are some:

A lovely ZEBRA BLUE:

zebra blue


Hedge blue

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This beautiful, armoured BEETLE was happily going about its business, unaware that it was being photographed at close quarters!

armoured beetle

If anyone can give me any help at all with the flower, insect or any other id's, I will be very grateful....that is, I will be full of grate...!