November 4th, 2008


Nati BInodini at Ranga Shankara..

I went to see the opening play of the 2008 Theatre Festival at Ranga Shankara , and did not expect to be transported back to my childhood days....but nostalgia took hold of me as I revisited the days when I used to watch various Bengali plays at the famous Star Theatre ....

The play was about Binodini, the star of the theatre scene in 19th century Kolkata, who wrote an honest autobiography, "Aamaar Kothaa"...about ambition,love, betrayal and talent....and this has been adapted by Amal Allana and brought to the stage in a very powerful, intense production.

The costumes, as replicated from that era, were lavish and colourful...and since I want to do a proper review, I will just post some of the scenes from this production.

The stage properties were lavish:

lotus and bedspread nati binodini 311008

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I will do a more detailed review later, off to Ranga Shankara to see some great theatre-related screenings for now...


How to deal with....

Note to myself: When dealing with the Child persona in someone, it is important to take on the Adult persona oneself (cf. Eric Berne ) and not let one's patience or good humour lapse. To lose one's cool is stupid. If there are two children, what can be achieved? When one person is childish, the other person must take extra care.

** (asterisk means, "change of subject")

Here's KM walking along one of the Valley School paths....

km at valley school

Ooh, I love "Bangalore outskirts"...Bangalore is a beautiful woman, and her outskirts are lovely indeed..... now, now, you dirty-minded lot gentle readers, that will be all on the subject....