November 19th, 2008


The birds over the weekend....

The bird sightings were so varied and lovely that the weekend was a wonderful experience (and you friends thought it was because of your company? cackle, cackle!)....let's see now....we started out, of course, with the CKMP (Crow Kite Mynah Pigeon) and also the Jungle Crow,but then we went on...

Let me start with the end..the very last bird that we saw on Sunday at Ragihalli was this magnificient BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE:

171108 black shouldered kite upward look ragihalli

Collapse )

We were back on the main road home when I said that we hadn't seen any BLACK-SHOULDERED KITES this time, and alakazam! there one was!

black-shouldered kite direct look

Add the butterflies, the plants, the flowers, the amphibians, the insects, the wonderful greenery, and the people, and that's my recipe for a fabulous weekend! Thank you, everyone who came with me.