December 1st, 2008


A Wedding Announcement...

I had been to a "Parichay" ("introduction", or "getting to know") walk organized by INTACH, Bangalore...this was at Russell Market, in the Ulsoor area.

I will be writing an account of it for Citizen Matters,and if they make the article too short, I will post a detailed account with lots of pictures here...but when, I don't know, because I am off for two weeks in a little while, and no internet, possibly even mobile, access....

Anyway, while we were waiting for the walk to start, this caught my eye:


Like the Samsung tagline...Everyone's Invited!

For the non-Indians: "chi." is a shortening of Chiranjeevi (immortal) (it's also the formal form of addressing a not-yet-grown-up-and=become-a-household young man) and "Sou" is short for "Sowbhagyavathi" or "Fortunate one" this instance , the "chiranjeevi" has been tacked on to the girl's name too.

I do love going around my city; there's *always* something nice to see!



Someone on a mailing list I belong to sent me this, it's just TOOOOOOO good to be missed

At the front gate of Russell Market in Shivaji Nagar, as we began our walk, were several posters announcing that various notables were celebrating the birthday of Tipu Sultan ...but what took my fancy was this poster:

301108 original photo of tipu sultan

Few people could claim to have the "original photo" of one of the great rulers of the Deccan (which is a corruption of the word "Dakshin", meaning "South").

So...preserve that historic photograph folks, the first one ever taken, before the camera was invented!