December 7th, 2008


Valley School on a Weekday....

My NTP friend (well, that's actually one of the interests we share, but that will serve to identify him!) C suddenly called up on Wednesday, saying he and R were going to Valley School.. I didn't even stop to think if they were inviting me along, I just jumped in, and the poor guys had no choice!

It proved, moreover, to be a real treat, with the light at its warmest, and all the birds (except of course the evil few...more about that later) actually posing in a calm and composed way for us....

Here are C and R, clicking away to glory, and the glory was, the grasses lit up by the morning sun:

chandu and ramesh 041208 vs

Collapse )

And we found one animal that would predate on all the above...this cat (alas, just the domestic variety, but how sleek and well-fed and was, as it moved along silently!)

041208 VS domestic cat

A most enjoyable, sudden trip, and one which recompensed me for this weekend, because I was just too tired to wake up this Saturday in time to go anywhere!