December 10th, 2008


Art in Unlikely Places....

Anonymous art can be unexpected and beautiful..

take a look at this

I wanted to crop the photograph to show only the face..but decided to keep the background in, too!

Off to Assam for several days... I know my LJ friends will pen all their most interesting, awesome and intriguing posts immediately I am off the net!

Wish me lots of luck with sightings in Kaziranga....

Various Stalls at the Hanumath Jayanthi celebrations,Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple, Jayanagar 9th Block

I *love* walking through the road when it is festival time; here are a few photos that I put up on the Citizen Matters blog...

check it out

Our footpaths, shaded by trees, are FULL of life and commerce and Bangalore politicians want to eliminate them...

Three different kinds of passion....

Here's the Red Passion Flower, which is blooming now in the Mini Forest near my home:

red passion flower mini frst jp ngr 091208

Here's my INW post with the white one:

And the purple one:

If anyone has images of this flower in other send me the images or the links!