December 22nd, 2008


I thought ALL breads are one-way...

I snapped this in Guwahati Central market....I never knew that some breads can be two-way, I thought all of them disappeared just one way!


Yes, I know it's a traffic sign sponsored by "Holsom" bread and biscuits, but how much better it sounds if read MY way!

The internet (either because of BSNL's problems or because of those cables being snapped in mid-ocean) has not been working since my return, and today I am catching up on mountains of mails, and the friends' list was done yesterday....

So wait for more postings from Kaziranga,Nameri, Guwahati and Shillong....! Don't go away, I promise you, some of them will be worth it!


What beautiful creatures elephants are; we saw these two mothers with their calves, so delightful to see the young ones actually gambolling and playing with each other...


Here's one of them enjoying a dust-bath:


Just LOOK at these cuties...

baby elephants

We didn't enjoy the ones WE had to take every day, travelling over the terrain...we looked quite grey overall, by the time we got back home each day, and a hot bath was very much required!