January 7th, 2009


Butterflies and Insects of Kaziranga and Nameri

OK, well, this is going to be a nice short post. I know DS (Diddly Squat) about butterflies and am still trying to distinguish between a Crimson Rose and a Common Rose...I am definitely a South Indian Duffer in this field!

So, I just clicked some of them as I saw them; Karthik helped me out with some, and I hope the readers will help me out with the others...

I saw several butterflies, for some reason, with gray/white and black patterns. I wonder why they are so prevalent? This one's the GREY COUNT:

grey count kaziranga 121208

Collapse )

I close with this really beautiful (un id) MOTH that I saw in Nameri, too, in the Potsali Camp trekking area:

moth nameri potsali camp 161208

If anyone can help me with the id's..I would be full of grate!

Wildlife Expedition to Agumbe on 24th and 25th Jan 2009

amoghavarsha aka Amoghavarsha J S, who has moved from the I T industry to become a wildlife photographer, is well-known to all of us. His photographs have been featured in the WWF calendar, and he has been showcased in prestigious magazines such as Better Photography. His last wildlife expedition to Agumbe was a great success (yes, I know, because KM and I went!) and by popular demand, he is repeating the expedition this month, on the 24th and 25th January 2009.

You will find all details at:


The Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is an awesome place, where there's an ongoing telemetry project to track the King Cobra.....and there's also Agumbe town itself, a picturesque place with the heritage home, Dodda Mane, where "Malgudi Days" was shot. The sunrise from Agumbe mountains is a photographer's delight. This is a beautiful time of year to be in the Western Ghats.

This is primarily a wildlife expedition, so photography won't be "taught" as such, though Amogh will always be on hand to give you tips!

If you are interested, you could look at my field trip reports:

Snakes and Frogs of Agumbe:


Flora of Agumbe:


Agumbe...Natural Beauty:


Dodda Mane in Agumbe:


Of course, you would see different things, or the same things, differently! Each of us who attended the last expedition had very different images and memories of the trip..

Take a look at his photo gallery at


Do book your seats early; last time there were a few people who couldn't be accomodated at the last minute.


Mithyam is now the name of an, ahem, software company that is in the news nowadays... what a joke on everyone, to call yourself Truth and then, for several years, defraud the public....

It is worthwhile to remember that some rogues only confess when there is no other way out; and for every rogue that confesses, there are several who do not...

What a crying shame.

Let me cheer myself up with this beautiful star that was put up near vinitb's place....

star in Vinit's neighbour's flat 241208

Looks quite surreal, doesn't it? I wanted to go close and inspect it, but couldn't...it's M C Escheresque...