January 9th, 2009


The Beauty of Wildgrass Resort, Kaziranga

We were initially hesitating about where to stay in Kaziranga, as everyone told us that Wildgrass Resort was expensive; but since several people, including yathin also told us that it's the best, we decided to book it. And we were very happy we did!

It turned out that Manju Barua, who owns and runs Wildgrass, went to the same college as KM did in Shillong...St Edmund's! Here we are, on the last day, as we prepare to leave for Nameri...

Manju Barua KM DM 151208 wildgrass

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I loved this animal-on-animal detail:

lion elephant turtle detail wildgrass 141208

Wildgrass is a resort which I would unhesitatingly recommend for visitors; solid, comfortable, and value for money!

Flowers and Plants of Kaziranga and Nameri

Here are the flowers and plants (of course, often un id'd) that I enjoyed seeing in Kaziranga and Nameri...

Update: Arun tells me this is the Spider flower:

lilac flowers near bridge kathpora 121208

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Even coffee-berries (yes, they have coffee, too, in Assam!) looked beautiful in the sunlight!

coffee berries 121208 kazi

Will post some more, once I am back from Top Slip...but then, I hope to get some more beautiful images from there, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone.