January 24th, 2009


Other Stuff from Daroji 16 and 170109

Apart from the birds and the mammals, there was a lot to look at and learn in the Daroji area! The learning process started with the very first RHINOCEROS BEETLE I have seen:

170109 rhino beetle bellary sanmart'shome

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This perfectly-shaped SNAIL SHELL seemed to round off our trip...

snail shell daroji 170109

So, at sunset, we bid goodbye to Daroji and Hampi and set off for Bellary and our overnight train:

daroji sunset 170109

Excuse Me Point Blank....

I realized I had photographed a few more gems, and hadn't included them.

What would you say of such a polite shop?

excuse me hampi 170109

You would not like to refuse,especially when you must follow traffic rules Point Blank:

point blank 170109 bellary

(Those are branded jeans in Bellary, by the way!)

At the ruins of Hampi, they clearly wanted to keep away conservation:

keep away conservation

Back in Bangalore, I got this auto's honest account of its driver, especially when asked to drive to any destination not favoured by him:


However, the shrewdest of the advertisers was this one, who certainly knows the present-day scenario well!

recession-proof careers board bellary 170109

A friend in Bellary

Moderating the JLRNTP egroup has benefited me in many ways; I have met a lot of interesting people. One of these is Santosh Martin, who live in Bellary. I had heard of Santosh's work in researching and documenting the Great Indian Bustard in Bellary District, but when I visited him, I found that he was much more versatile than that!

santosh martin 170109 hampi

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He took an immense amount of trouble to show me around Daroji (I spotted several new birds whose names I hope I will remember) and also took me to see the ruins of the Vijayanagar empire at Hampi , and truly made it a memorable visit!

A great friend to have found through email and egroup....I do hope he is successful in all his endeavours!