February 10th, 2009


Good article...

I generally do not write about current affairs because I always feel that many others say it better than I could. And here, indeed, are two people who have said what I want to say, and have done it so well...


I am, sometimes, seriously worried about this country of mine...my mother seems to have the canker of hate and hypocrisy rotting her from inside.

....and it doesn't help when even goddesses are caged. What's that, you ask? Well, here they are....at the Balaji Temple on Avenue Road, the temple has the "ashta lakshmi" (eight Lakshmis or Goddesses of Prosperity), four on either wall...and here's how they look:

ashta lakshmi in cages balaji temple ave rd 080209 heritage walk

Made me feel, for a minute, that the Rama Sene were here, too, protecting the goddesses against "western pub culture"!

I feel that the "pink chaddi" (pink panties) campaign (sending pink panties to the Rama Sene people) is, in its own way, as ridiculous as what the Rama Sene people are saying and doing. But perhaps, such a ridiculous protest brings home the folly of the Sene members....

My personal solution? I would crown myself Queen of Hearts, and like she did in "Alice in Wonderland", would shout, "Off with his head!" meaning, every Rama Sene worker, of course.

Here's where I would go before I had my coronation, to get my crown:

crowns stall 080209

So from now, you lot can address me as "Your Majesty"....