February 25th, 2009


The Hampi Visit 170109

The visit to Hampi was undertaken as a postscript to the Daroji visit; but it is such a huge complex, that I realized very quickly that I was not going to do much more than just scratch the surface of this World Heritage Site. So here are some of the highlights of the trip....

The detail on the monuments is so incredibly beautiful, let me start with a closeup of the Lotus Mahal:

details of lotus mahal archway 170109 hampi

Collapse )

The beauty of the temple tower in the evening light was indescribable...

virupaksha temple evening sunlight 170109

I will close with this unusual three-headed Nandi idol that I found at the entrance of the Virupaksha temple. The treasures of Hampi would take one months to soak in....I need to go back there again...

three-headed nandi virupaksha temple 170109

Hope you enjoyed your Hampi e-tour! For photos that I have not put in here, click on one of these snaps, and it will take you to my Photobucket site where you can see the rest, too! I have included many snaps of the various signboards that describe the various heritage monuments.


Though I rarely post about age-related stuff (any age)...it's been on my mind today.

I *am* looking forward to the arrival of GB2B, and it will be great to have a brand-new persona to go with all my other ones. And if there is one place where I feel at home in, that's my daughter's home.

But...to stay far away from India, and actual home, for an extended period...to live, not the life I myself lead, but a different life, where it's actually the life/lives of other people...to not do all the things I love to do here (quiz, theatre, wildlife,volutary work, and so on)...I am wondering about that. But I know I will come back, and resume my life.

Then it occurred to me, this probably happens, in a terminal, no-coming-back way, to so many elder couples, when spouses pass away, and when children are abroad. Willy nilly, they have to uproot themselves and go to live abroad, in a culture they cannot understand, in a dependent situation, with not everyone happy about the new addition to the household, who may not fit in, or pull hes weight.

Or, as increasingly happens, they have to move to an old age home, which may, on paper, be very comfortable, but which may not suit them at all, and is expensive, too.

Even if the loss of the spouse didn't depress them enough, this would....

I remember how we asked my father in law to sell up his house and wind it all up and move to be with us, or with his other sons in the US. And I wonder if we should have let him be in his own home for a few years more...

The evening of life (well, I am not there yet, I think I am in the late afternoon!!) is a difficult time. As faculties fade, as one's dependency increases, it's tough for both the parent and the child to reverse roles. The child does not have the joy of taking care of the elder, as it's not a budding new life, but a fading old one. The parent knows that the prime of life is slipping away very fast...and there is nothing to be done about it.

Sad thoughts, uncharacteristic of me!

Waiting to cheer myself up with a shot of PVC (Park View Coffee.)

Sunrise at Turahalli...dedicated to asakiyume

To cheer myself up after all that age-related morbidity...a set of pictures, capturing the sunrise at Turahalli last Sunday.

The melting, and strengthening, of colours is astonishing...



predawn colours turahalli

Then the sun rises:

runrise on bldgs turahalli

sunrise black and orange

The sun behind the peepul tree at the top of the little hillock:

sun behind peepul tree at top 220209 turahalli

And behind the rocks:

rock sunrise turahalli 220209

And finally, after the day is established, the wonder of the cloud patterns in the sky...

cloud formation turahalli 220209

Oh...you want to see a very, very beautiful image of exactly the same shot? Go to


and see Mahesh's shot...

Mahesh is one cameraman I have a very high regard for. He has taken the trouble to know his camera thoroughly...and is so generous about sharing the info with others, too. A trip with him is a lesson in photography each time. His composition is excellent, he elicits the best colours out of the image, and does judicious post-processing....I don't know if he will have his work on National Geographic or win awards (I suspect not!)...but hats off to him for his photography skills! I know that if and when he reads this, he will think that I am making a big thing out of nothing!

But..it's a great pleasure when Mahesh and Priya (she has a cooking blog!) come along on a birding trip!

Use LJ-cut? Naaaaah....

Oh...these are completely un-retouched pictures. No photoshop, no Picasa, no GIMP....as I once learnt from sainath, WYSWYG...what you see is what you get!