March 3rd, 2009



It was lovely to have mriga (He Who Never Posts Any More) and madrasi_in_mo (who at least tries to) over today.... akhil has his LJ too. So one could call it an LJ meet! The little one, Sahana, looked a lot like Akhil.

The parents try to talk to Akhil without using anything but Tamizh words, so I also joined in and I must say that but for the occasional lapse, I did very well indeed! I piled them with stuff to take back to St L, and they took it uncomplainingly...

Akhil is a VERY bright little boy; his intelligence just sort of *shines* out at you! His eyes are like diamonds! He seems very computer savvy at this age!

Meanwhile, on the subject of friends...if one could get me flowers that smelt of chocolate and filter-kaapi...that would be perFECT!!