March 13th, 2009


HUGE indiscretion

I thought I was posting some information about one person to another, both of whom are undergoing a lot of difficulties... and posted it to a whole egroup....I am feeling utterly miserable. This is the kind of damage that I cannot undo; and to talk more about it would only make it worse.

The worst part is that the person concerned is extremely sweet-natured, and has quietly overlooked such a bad gaffe on my part....and will probably forgive me whole-heartedly, too..that makes me, actually, feel worse.

I wish I was more careful....but as a friend said, I cannot repine too much over it, but must be very, very careful in future..I *am* normally very careful whom I email about what..I cannot remember committing such a crime before...but that doesn't excuse what I have done.

The point is, how I am feeling pales in comparison with how the other person must be feeling...

Why am I such a KLUTZ! Yes, I realize that I am not alone, and that it was a slip...but that doesn't make things better at all.

I could easily walk under a cockroach, with room to spare.


I just got an email from someone pointing out a factual error in a post that I had made on Citizen Matters. I sent an apology to the person...and it bounced. But I was able to rectify the error immediately online.

I *wish* the other mistake could be rectified like that,simply and easily!


A compliment I received today

Someone sent me an email...

"Frankly I'm amazed how someone whom (I guess it should be "from") older generation writes almost like us the
younger generation."

Though that is a nice compliment, I feel bad that the older generation is perceived as being different...and not on the same wavelength.

We are all people....let not older people think that just because they have spent longer on this earth, they are somehow better, and let not younger people think that because they are fresh and energetic and full of ideas, they are better! If we can learn to just see each other as people, it would be great.

One of the things I like about many people in Bangalore is that they do take me for the person I am; my gender, age, and other labels don't seem to matter. In fact, one of my friends, when I referred to him as "young", said, very rightly, "Why do YOU mention young? Do I ever mention old?"...and I have heeded that tip!

I also have friends who are 20 to 30 years older than I am, whose minds are sharp,whose opinions are open, and whose hearts are also warm and friendly.

I have had arguments with other people of my age who say that "today's kids" are pub rats and mall rats. I tell them that they simply have not come into contact with the other kind, that's all...and I have been lucky to do so.

These are the people who take the time out of their busy jobs to follow their interests with a passion, who often volunteer to help out others on a regular basis, and who make me feel really proud to be counted amongst their friends!

But...if I start displaying the rigidity of thinking, and the intolerance that I associate with *mental* old age...I hope someone will give me a swift KITP (Kick In The Pants) and point it out...but who knows, perhaps the fossilization of my mind would be an irreversible process, and like many people I know, I will continue to *think* that I am open in my thinking, even as I sink into the morass of prejudice and preconception.

One of the first signs of this, I would imagine, would be a lament on "I don't know what the world is coming to nowadays. In *my* days...."... as long as I feel that today is as great a day in my life as the past, and this world is as wonderful a place to live in as it used to be, I am OK!

For example, I can't bemoan the "old days" when people used to write "lovely handwritten letters", because what seems to be forgotten was the time taken for those letters to reach! I remember those "airmails" from my brothers-in-law, arriving after a month of two, when the news would already be stale....I do love the instant communication of today. In the same way, several minus that people bemoan today come with their own pluses.

Here's an image I liked very much, of a kite flying in the glowing evening sky, at Madivala Lake, when we had gone there for the Bird Race...I like the contrast between its apparent freedom, and its actually being tied down by that single thread!

kite evening sky madivala lake 180109

That mark above the number 1 on the keyboard....

Someone just said that "X asked me how to type that explanation mark, the one above the numeral 1 on the keyboard." explanation mark!

How convenient if there WERE an explanation mark! Instead of typing, "Dear John, I am leaving you and running away with your friend," a lady could just hit the "explanation mark" too could a young boy with a bad report..the Romeo could just type a single character to his girlfriend about his standing her up....

There would be no need for instruction manuals. Every camera or gadget would come with just this one keystroke.

There would be no exams or thesis defences either....

Q. Explain in detail the Bessemer process .

A. no answer, only that explanation mark! Every student would always get full marks!

Come to think of it, the "a href" stuff and the parentheses that I put wiki and internet refernces behind...they ARE explanation marks of a kind!