March 20th, 2009


Bannerghatta, 140309

Last Saturday was a great day; Veena wanted several of her friends to come along for a birding trip, so we all went to Bannerghatta ...itsalouwelylife was also here for the weekend, and the LJ part of the crowd was anushsh, mohanvee, IALL, and me....

The NTP group consisted of Anush, Mohanvee, Jyothi (who is taking the NTP next weekend) and me....

What better way to start a morning than the song of a lark? Here's the INDIAN BUSHLARK, which was singing sweetly on the wire outside the JLR Restaurant:

indian bushlark 140309 bg

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I finally took a couple of shots of the flash-of-electric-blue-as-it-flies WHITE-BREASTED KINGFISHER, sitting and calling atop a bamboo shoot:


And lastly, here is the group who went that day (except anushsh140309 Kannada Katte Basavanagudi Brahmins'</a>

Oh, the image is too large so the entire right-hand-side contingent, including the two Mohans, have been cut see the photo, click

I am off to Bannerghatta (this time, the Elephant Corridor beyond the large quarry) my Ragihalli (last Sunday) post will have to wait a little...sorry...too many domestic chores have resulted in a gol (that's backlog!)....


As we were returning from Bannerghatta, my NTP friend Ramesh called me up and asked me if I would like to go to Ragihalli on Sunday morning...would I not! However, the Saturday gang could not make it, and so it was only Anush,Neelu and I who accompanied Ramesh to both Ragihalli sheet rock, and the Ragihalli village pond, not to mention piping-hot idlis at the Ragihalli centre-of-the-village eatery....!

Two of my favourite images from the trip are...this beautiful little PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD landing to sip nectar from the SILK-COTTON flower:

purple-rumped sunbird wing feathers ragihalli 150309

and the RUFOUS TREEPIE in its habitat on the sheet rock of Ragihalli:

rufous treepie sheet rock ragihalli 150309

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A beautiful finale was provided by the sighting of a pair of WHITE-BREASTED KINGFISHERs in their nest in the bank of the roadside....the female flew away immediately, but the male remained there for a while. Then he too, went and sat in a tree nearby:

white-breasted kingfisher 150309 ragihalli

As we were watching the kingfishers, Ramesh and I suddenly spotted a huge raptor landing in the ground behind the bank, but we could not identify it before it dropped out of sight.

But we made our way home, very happy with the lovely birds that we had seen and enjoyed!