March 30th, 2009


JLRNTP-1, March 27,28,29,2009

I went, as usual, to meet all the people who took the NTP....this time, there has been a full contingent (the accomodation at the Bannerghatta property of JLR is 8 X 2, and 17 people had registered, which meant that three of the young women have had to share one tent!

I realized that I knew several members beforehand, but it was nice to meet others for the first time, too!

The group was a very nice one, including a mother-daughter duo, and another young couple who had brought their delightful five-year-old, Arohi, along with them. Arohi and I had a great time swinging on the suspended tyre in the campus, and trailing around the place while the others were getting edified!

Here's the very intelligent, articulate little girl (sorry, young female person):

arohi jlrntp 270309 bg

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Well, here's most of the NTP group as they came up the forest trail, with Karthik in their midst; they are so earnest about learning as much as they can, that weekend!

jlrntp 270309

I do hope they enjoyed the program as much as I enjoyed meeting all of them (though I really had to chase up some of them to get their email ids and details!) and I hope they will be active members of the egroup, too!

Update: the minute I left, the group apparently sighted the Eurasian Eagle Owls, the only debate being whether there were two or three of them...*&^% Owls!! this is the first time I have gone on the Nature Trail with the NTP and not seen them!


After a hard, back-breaking day, I got back home in time for nothing useful or productive, so decided that today was the day I was going to Start Swimming. And so off I went to our little poolette....

The water felt like silk (ok, well, it *could* have been warmer I guess, especially the pre-swim shower which our building authorities seem to have connected up to some Himalayan snow-fed spring.) I was happy to notice that months of absence have not slowed me down too much (yes, I could'fasten' up my laps a little!)...and that I could do 30 laps with no difficulty at all. (The laps in our pool are also lapettes.)

I am feeling so fresh, though tired...the frustrations of the day have dropped away, and I am at peace with all the world again, even with the mason and plumber who were my main instruments of torture the whole day long...

How lucky I am to have this pool of blue, clean water to swim in as long as I wish to. How many generations hence will swimming pools be a thing of the past?

Meanwhile, on Sunday I went for the Lalbagh Heritage Walk, organized by Max Mueller Bhavan as an Urban Space Event; here's a close-up of a Traveller's Palm that I took...

travellers' palm lalbagh 290309

Let not anyone tell you that abstract art is nothing like Nature makes...Nature has abstract art everywhere; lovely designs, numbers, one-off pieces of exquisite creativity...