April 3rd, 2009


Aha..someone's interested in ME!!

I think (I am not sure) I had mentioned a few months ago, that "Harmony", a magazine for Senior Citizens, had asked me if they could interview me about my cycling....and today, a sweet-sounding (they always sound sweet if they allow me to talk about myself!) Rajashri Balaram called me up from Mumbai to ask me about how I cycle.

I felt a total fraud because a. I am not (technically, being 54) a Senior Citizen and b. for the past two months, on doctor's orders, I have been off cycling, and so am not, technically, a cyclist...but she said that since I have been cycling for about 17 years now, and I am over 50, I qualify!

So I shot my mouth off (hopefully, not too badly)...and their photographer, Anuradha Joshi, will be coming to take a photograph of me on my little Ladybird-with-a-basket....soon....

Oh, I forgot to ask her if this magazine is online, too...stupid oversight! :)

But I got to talk about myself, which I can normally do only on LJ....I talked about cycling, quizzing, music, activism, wildlife, photography,writing.... I only hope the poor young woman was not as flooded as I was last week!

I must compliment her; she conducted a conversation with me, not a dry interview; that means, she was very good!

Looking forward to see how I am quoted (or misquoted)...watch this space!

Not been able to upload my photographs of the Lalbagh Heritage Walk last Sunday, or the lovely birding morning I spent with Madhusmita on Tuesday (How lucky can one be, to go birding on a weekday morning!!)...so those posts will wait awhile....but let me give you a little taste of it, with this picture of the gloriously blooming CANNONBALL tree (nAgalinga marA) in Lalbagh...

290309 lalbagh cannonball tree nAgalingA flowers 20D

Collapse )

Finally, this lovely Australian tree, called CAREA ARBOREA, which Karthik had pointed out to us earlier, also charmed us by its beautiful blooms...

carea arborea flower lalbagh 290309

But meanwhile.... a group of us are going tomorrow morning to the Bannerghatta beyond-the-quarry area...so more pictures (hopefully)!

I have not yet got my MLC back, though the projected bill is 7.7K!!! :((((

Meanwhile, you lot, have a great weekend! I have the feeling of the sands running out as I prepare for the "paati animal" trip....

A new symbol for the Rupee


(Thank you, enigmaticash)

I can't understand...

1. Why most of these symbols seem so hung up on the "two short lines" that is associated with the Euro symbol. Shows a great lack of creativity in those who designed these symbols, I think.

2.What's wrong with the "Rs." as it is? Why do we need ad agencies and Govt agencies spending HUGE sums of money(whether Mohur, Rupyah, or Dum..gold,silver and copper...) to design something else (which might add to the devaluation of said Rs., too?)

3. Why not have an "Ag" symbol, (Latin for silver...Argentum)or the Sanskrit symbol for silver which is what "rupaiah" actually connotes, "currency of silver"? (the wiki entry says the Sanskrit word for "wrought silver is "rup" ...also meaning "form", or "rupyah"..and "rupyakam" is "coin of silver" ) ?

Let's face it, the Rupee. at over 50 to the dollar, is never going to be a Gold Standard, so let's at least make it Silver across the world!