April 30th, 2009


Little Details...

Only A's food (as the "patient") would be free, we'd have to pay for our food, we realized...and we didn't know what the food would taste like, so we packed our lunches yesterday....KM and I, being good TamBrams, each took along a 6 inch Sub.. and our white American son-in-law...packed curds and rice and mango pickle, and beans sabji!

In the event, the food in the cafeteria is pretty good...I liked the salad and the soup, and KM had a chicken sandwich and salad, too.


My room no. when I had A was 315; A's room no. when she's had her daughter (it's most probably going to be Lalitha, but there's still a little doubt) is...351.


There's wifi in the hospital, so naturally, it doesn't work in the room, and I am sitting outside in the corridor typing this and getting the nurses to do something about the fact that we can't get the internet on the other side of the door!


Hundreds of messages are pouring in, sharing our joy; at least on LJ...each of you, do take this as my personal thank you....we are all exhausted, and getting to write individual thanks is, I think, going to be impossible.


ALL newborns usually look like Wrinkled Prune Martians. So I am still surprised to see that TLO (The Little One) or GD is quite a chubby creature, and ACTUALLY looks like a baby! 3.5 kg is quite a birth weight.

She does NOT have a teeny-weeny little voice, either. She yells! There is NO doubt about when she is not happy! She has existed in the outside world for about 6 hours now, and my goodness, there is NOTHING wrong with her lungs. She's already tried hard to fasten her goldfishy mouth on various parts of my jacket arm....until she went to her mother.


I call her "eli"...or "mouse" in Tamizh, as A wanted to call her Ellora (meaning,cloud) and at that time, the baby-in-the-tum WAS the size of a mouse, too!

And what an appropriate nickname for a baby born in the time of the Internet! She's been Eli to me for quite a while now, so the nickname comes naturally to my lips as I talk to her and croon at her.


Because the birthing room had internet access, and because of Skype, D's parents (in Maine) and N (in Chennai) were able to see Eli immediately...I cannot stop marvelling at the wonders of technology.

D has downloaded the pictures we took, and will be sending them when he can...but WHEN we get internet inside!

Off now to go inside...let's hope they get someone to sort out the internet problem....

She's got a nice cap of dark..perhaps black...hair. LARGE eyes. The right number of everything outside, and inside, I hope.

I want her to read this one day....

Tarantaraaaaaaaa......here they are...

Here are DnA, along with my little GD (She Who Is Yet To Be Named):

dna with baby 290409 fuji

That's DnA, with their DNA passed on to the next generation....and it's really Eli's "birth" day. (All the others will be birth anniversaries, actually.)

I am petrified of writing something that will not meet with A's wishes! :)

The hospital is very accomodative of families; both KM and I have spent the entire day here and will return home only after dinner; we will have a good night's sleep, and get back to the hospital tomorrow after the day's chores are finished.

The Amur (Siberian) Tigers at St Louis Zoo

Since the hospital was not ready to take in A as rooms were not free, I went off (with KM) to Forest Park for a long walk, and to see the five (yes, five!) Siberian tiger cubs that celebrated their first birthday yesterday. The big cat breeding program has been very successful in St Louis Zoo; I have already written about their success at breeding cheetahs.

Well, the Siberian or Amur Tiger is a critically endangered animal, and the Zoo has successfully been able to breed five cubs! And a birthday (whether of my GD or of Amur Tigers) is no small affair, so it was lovely to be able to see them....

Here's the sign about the Amur Tigers' birthday:

amur tiger cubs birthday 280409 st L zoo

and info about the tigers:

amur tiger sign 280209 zoo

And here are two of the cubs...

280209 2 tiger cubs playing

And three more....

280209 3 amur tiger cubs st l zoo

The tigers are nearly the size of their mother! But their baby fat and their mischief identifies them.

How playful children are, no matter where and what they are!

How many ...

How many steps is a walk in the park
When that walk is without a friend?
Without a friend, even a very short walk
Seems tiring and without an end.

How many tears are shed deep inside
When friends have to stay apart?
The outward smiles may be bright and wide
But the tears are in the heart.

How many days can one take the pain
Of not being able to meet?
Each day, one should think, brings one closer again
To the time of meeting...achingly sweet.

How many times must one think and long
For the distant friend's touch?
In every word that's heard, in every sad song...
One misses the other...so much.

This is for two friends who are forced to live on different continents. With all my love.

Daughter's daughter

She lies all wrapped up
A bundle of sleep
With cheeks softer than a bird's down.
Her eyes open and then close;
Her face works into a limpid gaze..
And then into a red-faced frown.

Who is this girl, who has entered my heart
Though bringing her into this world
Brought my own child so much pain?
She's not my child, but the child of my child...
But I feel motherhood all over again.

She opens her mouth and searches around;
I hand her back to her mother--
I never imagined, when I had my child,
That she would herself produce a precious Another.

Mother and father sleep in exhaustion,
Pain and worry are slowly past.
The grandchild lies in my arms;
It's amazing that across a generation
I can still succumb to this baby's charms.