May 14th, 2009


Stingrays in St Louis Zoo

I still manage to get news from the daily newspaper rather than the Internet, and from the St Louis Post-Dispatch that there would be a Stingray exhibit at the Zoo...and when I went there last week, it hadn't yet yesterday, I looked it up on the net and the exhibit was on...and it was free for the first hour of the Zoo's opening.

So I decided to combine the Zoo visit with my morning paper-buying and walk.....and when I reached the Zoo, I realized that though the Zoo allowed me to go inside, it would technically be open only at 9, and I had an hour, in which I wandered around, read the newspaper, and find that already, there was quite a queue!

Here's the signboard about the Southern Stingray:

120509 southern stingray

The one about the Cownose Stingray:

cownose stingray 120509

Collapse )

So here's one of the aerodynamically smooth and graceful....

stingray 120509

Will add the video of each type of stingray gliding past, and update my post later...

Update: Here's the video:

Lovely, isn't it?