May 15th, 2009


Two birds that I saw in Forest Park

I was walking to see the Stingray exhibit in the St Louis Zoo, and on the way, I spotted the KILLDEER (what a funny name, that wiki says that's what their call sounds like!):

120509 killdeer forest park

It was accompanied by another one, and they kept running fast, and then "couching" down on the wet grass like this:

forest park killdeer crouching in grass

The wiki says they lay their eggs in the grass, so I thought, when I saw the first one sitting that way, that it was on its eggs....but no, it wasn't; they kept running and sitting alternatively. Wonder what this behaviour was.

Update: Here's the short video that I took:

Then I saw this one, which both yathin and Dave Pierce of the St.Louis Audubon Society id'd as the EASTERN KINGBIRD :

eastern kingbird 200509

I do mean to walk a lot more in the park area and see what other birds I can sight, but it's going to depend on the weather (very rainy lately), the sun (don't want to walk in the hot sun, either!) and Eli's she kept me all afternoon, glued to her side!

And since I have talked about her, here she is, with some very easy-to-follow instructions on her little dress:

140509 love me

And she's saying, "give me five minutes more to sleep, because I am.....

too tired? 140509

to wake up immediately!"

From the LJ of gaur36

What a pity that we squander our treasures and our good practices to the excitement of aping western ways...

Today I walked to the Farmers' Market in the Loop,

farmers' market loop 010509

and walked back with my purchases; the fact that I had 3 bags (one backpack and two carries) attracted a fair number of curious looks. I realized that no one is used to carrying groceries or vegetables/fruits and walking around. Walking is an activity engaged in only for exercise. It is NOT a form of locomotion unless one is too poor to afford anything but public transport...

When KM and I told people that we walk from home to the St Louis Galleria (no.1 on the map), and back, we got a lot of "wow" reactions!,