May 19th, 2009


Topless Supermodel


What would you do if someone suddenly arrived at home for an indefinite visit, wanted food (specially made) every two or three hours, was often critical about that food, spurned some of the best clothes you could give them, kept you up all night complaining, and simply would not compromise about sleeping quarters and made rude noises, often, from both ends, and made an immense amount of housework, and slept like an angel after soiling all your clothes and theirs, and sat around naked when they felt like it?


It would depend on the age of the individual, and from where this person appeared.

If it's a supermodel, you take your revenge by taking the first-ever topless photograph of her!

fully fed up 160509

She is Fully Fed Up, you can see that from both her face and her tum!

This photograph was only now released for public viewing by hosts of aforementioned individual. Note, after every whim has been catered (and indeed, pandered) to....there is still a disgusted and scornful look on supermodel's face. She is at this point into the Gandhi/Victoria look (with loincloth, and not amused.)

mohanvee wins the Best Comment award for his "She's a supermodel..with perfect 24-36-24 measurements."

Another morning, another walk...

As I opened the front door, this HOUSE FINCH (thanks for the correct id, yathin ) greeted me in the little tree right outside, with its bright, beady eyes...

song sparrow 180509

As I crossed the road, I realized that it was going to be quite cold, as these cloud formations (that's ice causing the rainbow effect) portended:

ice clouds 180509

Collapse )

And yes, I saw the the legendary sword of King Arthur :

excalibur 180509

I did like the message at the bottom! When things are just that...shut up and hold on!

jO vAdA kiyA vOh nibhAnA padEygA...Taj Mahal

I was listening to the songs on a playlist sent to me by itsalouwelylife and came, by various links, to this all-time favourite of mine:


Jo Vaada Kiya Woh Nibhaana Padega
Roke Zamaana Chaahe Roke Khudaai
Tumko Aana Padega

Tarasti Nigaahon Ne Aawaz Di Hai
Mohabbat Ki Aahon Ne Awaaz Di Hai
Jaane Hayaa Jaane Ada Chodo Tarsaana
Tumko Aana Padega

Ye Maana Hamein Jaan Se Jaana Padega
Par Ye Samajh Lo Tumne Jab Bhi Pukaara
Humko Aana Padega...

Hum Apni Wafaa Pe Na Ilzaam Lenge
Tumhe Dil Diya Hai Tumhe Jaan Bhi Denge
Jab Ishq Ka Sauda Kiya, Phir Kya Ghabraana
Humko Aana Padega

Chamakte Hain Jab Tak Yeh Chaand Aur Taare
Na Tootenge Ab Keh Do Paimaan Hamaare
Ek Doosra Jab De Sadaa Hoke Dewaana
Humko Aana Padega

One who has promised, must keep that promise
No matter whether the world stops one, or even God

The eager eyes have called; the sighs of love have called
Oh, one with the lovely ways and mannerisms, stop have to come...

I admit that I have to leave this world
But understand that whenever you call, I must come...

I will not bear my loyalty being questioned;I have given you my heart, I will give you my life too
When I have made a pledge of love, why worry, I must come...

As long as the moon and stars shine, tell (them) our love will not break
When we madly gave ourselves to each other, we have to come....

My translation is NOT good, I want some better ones please...inspirethoughts?....

I have not put in my usual phonetic spelling as it's toooo much of a bother!

Update: inspirethoughts brought to my mind what I had forgotten long ago...that there is a sad version of the song, too:

Thanks A! It was wonderful to see these long-forgotten words.

More birds in Forest Park

I seem to have left these birds out of the list of the Forest Park birds...

The PURPLE MARTIN is very difficult to photograph, as it rarely alights long enough! But I came across this condo built for them:

purple martins 280409

There seems to be some concern about these birds; I found this signboard giving details about the bird:

purple martin details 280409

And it also said that the population of these birds is declining:

280409 martin decline signboard fp

However, the wiki entry lists these birds' extinction chances as "least concern"

Certainly, they look fairly plentiful to ME! I hope it's not a case similar to that of the BARN OWL in Bangalore...I joined a Barn Owl Conservation group, and later Karthik laughingly told me it was totally unnecessary, because the increase in the rat population would automatically bring the Barn Owls back to Bangalore (which they did!)

Here's the common BARN SWALLOW:

purple martin 100509 forest park

Another lovely bird in the Des Peres creek is this lovely BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON

great blue heron 100509


brown-headed cowbird

And since I have found these birds very shy compared to the other everyday birds, and have been going around hoping to get photographs of them, this morning I found three of these RED CARDINALS looking down on me from our own rooftop! Before I could get the camera, one had flown, and the other two allowed me only a single shot, before they, too, disappeared over the roof:

red cardinals on our roof 190509

Update: I had got this post and id's all messed up! A big thanks to the three people who took the effort and time to correct me! asakiyume did not even post a comment, she emailed me so that I could correct the id's without appearing quite the klutz I am...but I think my mistakes, as much as my observations, should be on public record...