June 17th, 2009


Scenes from Yosemite....

These images truly took my breath away;
I do love the mountains and the streams,
The springs and the snow.
With all the trappings of men,
These scenes are yet pristine and clear.
It takes me to when the rivers' flow
Was not dammed and broken.
In my dreams
I take the unfrequented ways
Filled with flowers, Nature's token
Of benison for creatures here.
It was not a time when
Man had left his mark on the lands,
Or wandered over the country in large despoiling bands.
These images make me sleep...
And dream of Paradise that's still ours to keep.
Nature's not kind, but always fair;
Those who are the fittest can survive...
Breathe the free, pure air,
Flourish, and thrive.

storm beyond mono lake

Storm gathering beyond Olmsted Point

tree and rock lee vining yosemite 300509

Tree growing on granite at Olmsted Point

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300509 yosemite sunset

Yosemite sunset

No photographs can do justice to Nature's majesty....

Human Beings at Yosemite

Well, one does also document the human presence at all points....! Here are a few images of the most successful mammal (in terms of breeding and presence) on earth...

This is Half Dome, and if you look closely, those ants are....people...

people on half dome

Here's a video where I zoom in. It's not *really* surprising, given the proximity of Silicon Valley, that the languages most likely to be heard at the viewpoint (this one's Glacier Point) are ...Indian! You can hear a little Hindi, and then, of course, the couple walk blithely between the camera and the view.

But then the camera zooms in on Half Dome and..you can see the rock climbers who have reached the top.

Here are some rock-climbers who have finished, and are drying out their equipment:

300509 climbers drying  kit y

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Deeksha pointed out these lovely criss-crossing vapour trails as we approached San Jose on our return...

vapour trails 310509

We went to as many destinations in Yosemite as humanly possible, in those packed two days; east to west, I discovered the park as I have always wanted to, including such areas as the Tioga Pass, which a friend recently told me he had never visited though he has been to Yosemite four times!

This was a trip that I would rank with my visits to....the Pyramids, the Necropolis in Iran, the visit to Darjeeling when I saw Mount Everest at the age of twenty-one, the sighting of the tree-climbing lions in Tanzania's Lake Manyara....

Thank you, Y, thank you, K, you gave me great memories for a lifetime!